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If, after reading all this, you are still confused about what the Bankera ICO is, well, ICO is short for initial coin offering. It is a fundraising method that many cryptocurrencies employ to raise the needed revenue while also avoiding the need for venture capitalists or stock exchanges. Basically, it is a way to fund the development of a new cryptocurrency and in return, the company creating it will give the investor a share of the coin it is creating for the initial coin investment. The growing trend is to offer the ICO in a presale before it goes to the public market so that a company can fund the investments and be ready for the open exchanging.

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The Bankera ICO is a brand new ICO that will become public on February 22, 2018. What is Bankera? Well, it is a digital bank for the new crypto era blockchains. It is actually a subsidiary of SpectroCoin that was created to make it competitive as a bank in today’s digital market.

Many people have a Bankera ICO review popping up everywhere from Reddit to independent websites the closer that the coin gets to its release date. Scam reports are easily obtained with a quick Google search and based on the reports reviews it is obvious the company is legitimate and not just another ICO scam with a buy our coin scheme. While there are always a few people who hate or cry scam, Reddit review after review tout that it is the easiest coin buy-in some have ever experienced. A general review of the coin makes it easy to understand why it may be a great ICO coin to invest in.

Bankera token sales opened on November 17, 2017, and will come to a close on February 28, 2018. Bankera is selling the coin at the price of pennies on the dollar, they have raised millions of dollars in revenue in pre-sales and proving it to most definitely not a scam.

Bankera is the brainchild of Spectrocoin. As an ICO the goal of Bankera will have short and long-term goals as a crypto coin. First Bankera will offer a fully digital banking platform. No brick and mortar stores so that they can maximize profits. Bankera will offer many of the same features as a traditional bank as well as the ICO. From savings options to a lending platform, Bankera is poised to hit the ground running when it’s ICO hits the public market.

Many websites are offering a coupon to get bonuses for signing up in order to drum up site sign-ups. Be wary of these coupon offers though as they may be a scam due to the fact that Bankera does not necessarily work with the particular site offering such coupons.

Presales of the Bankera ICO have some review writers wary due to the fact that unlike other ICOs they are offering a direct exchange of fiat money to the ICO investment. If you want to find out for yourself and contribute a review of the platforms ICO while its still in the presale status, your review may sway a few more people.

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